Yet More Videos

You may have seen this recent tweet in the ICR feed on the right panel:

Yes, they have a youtube channel of their very own, as of a few hours ago. That video, all 44 seconds of it, is their first – though oddly it neither asks nor answers the title question “How would you respond to your evolutionist professor?”

The spends the first few precious seconds saying that that it came from “Creation NW 2012,” whatever that was. It then introduces the three random people in front of the sign, and then finally gets around to asking them “what do your friends think about your view of creation?”

The audio quality of this video is extremely poor – they seem to be in a noisy hall. Apparently the interviewees are students, though that’s never explicitly stated. The girl in the middle does most of the talking – here’s a rough transcript:

Yeah, like a couple of my friends are like evolutionary biologists, like, that’s what they want to go into, in college, and, like they saw one of my creation books and they like looked through it and they thought it was, like, interesting that I was a biologist but they were- I was like the only person they knew who was- who believed in something other than evolution.

“Interesting” would have been my response as well, but then the conversation would have gone: “I’m a creationist.” “Interesting…” The ellipses are very important here.

The video then goes on to ask “How would you respond to your friends if they questioned your view on creation?” However, as that question fades out the video ends, and we get no response. It’s reasonably likely, therefore, that this is a premature ending and this video will be taken down and replaced by the full length. Or it could just be part one of a series, which sounds like it will be quite …interesting.

The mp4 for this video can be found here, if you wanted it for any reason – the YOM page on it is here. There is no That’s a Fact video scheduled for this week.


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