A Vision of the Flood

Yes, folks: That's a Video!

The That’s a Fact video for this week was also about the Global Flood. There’s not much to it:

Do you have what it takes to outrun a natural disaster? maybe if you set a world record of 27.79 miles per hour – that’s fast enough to escape a hurricane.

That’s 44.72 km/h – or 12.4 m/s – for those of us using metric, and is the world record ‘footspeed‘ (set, of course, by Usain Bolt).

Hurricanes travel at around 15 to 20 miles per hour.

I should also add here that sprinting is not a feasible way of escaping hurricanes even if you are Bolt.

Molten lava can move up to six miles per hour. But that’s slow compared to a volcanoes pyroclastic flow. These superheated gas and rock mixtures can reach speeds of well over 4 hundred miles per hour. The people of Pompeii were literally buried alive in their tracks when mount Vesuvius exploded in 79 AD.

That doesn’t seem to have had anything to do with a pyroclastic flow, nor anything’s speed – they died from the heat, and from suffocation from ash.

But that can’t beat the speed of a tsunami, which can travel as fast as 600 miles per hour, about as quick as a commercial jet can fly.

Over the ocean, yes. Nearer land it drops down to less than 80 km/h (50 miles per hour). Also, the wave pictured in the video is not a tsunami, and is instead a perfectly normal breaking wave.

With all that we know about natural disasters, imagine how destructive the Flood of Noah’s day was. When volcanoes, rain, mudflows, and tsunamis drastically change the entire surface of the Earth so quickly, that’s why God told Noah to build the Ark, to save his family and the animals.

This, of course, raises the question of how they survived on this Ark, especially considering how much chaos would have had to have gone on for the “entire surface of the Earth” to be changed to dramatically so quickly. Odd, also, that nothing much more than the rain is actually mentioned in Genesis.

And while God promised never to flood the world again because of mankind’s sin, he offers everyone today a place of refuge and salvation through another Ark: the Lord Jesus Christ.

And they end on a fairly standard Christian proselytisation spiel. Better luck next week?

5 thoughts on “A Vision of the Flood

  1. Ironically then if it is so hard for humans to escape the flood how them did all the animals survive so long so that they got sorted out by running away from the flood for a hundred days before expiring. Remember pregnant dinosaurs escaped the effects of the flood for a long time only to find an open stretch of exposed beach and lay here eggs and leave dino footprints during this violent flood. Ah, the internal inconsistencies of flood geology. They never end.

    • Well you see, before the Fall and entropy had had so much of an effect animals were in much better shape and could run much faster. 😉


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