Eye on the ICR is a blog founded in 2011 primarily to offer refutations of the online material of the Institute for Creation Research, a well-known American young Earth creationist oganisation. The site is semi-regularly updated, has a tendency to go on unannounced hiatuses, and is run by a New Zealand biology undergraduate student who is very bad at answering emails.

Hopefully you find it useful. Complaints and suggestions may be left wherever.

24 thoughts on “About

  1. Wow! Long-time creationist-watcher here (I live in Kentucky, USA, the unfortunate state home of the AiG Young-Earth Creationist “Museum”). I say “Wow” because I was just informed about what a fine website you have, and I see that it is indeed quite excellent, VERY impressive! I will pass the word around, BEST TO YOU and keep up the fine work!

  2. Living in the city that spawned AiG – Brisbane, Queensland, Australia – means I am glad such idiocy meets such a capable critique. Keep up the good work.

    • Take a step back a moment. You say, posting entirely anonymously, that my life has no meaning and that I am afraid of something, and accuse me of arrogance?

      Are you sure about that?

    • You invite replies to your arrogance but dont accept them. Doesn’t that tell you something about your world view?

    • ‘Arrogance’ – an offensive display of superiority or self-importance; overbearing pride. This blog is the place where I, Peter, a High School Student from “a small country you’ve probably never heard of” (New Zealand), sate my appetite for Creationist Hilarity by commenting on as much of the stuff coming out of the Institute for Creation Research (ICR) as I can.

    • If you take their point of view as correct, of course it is. How could, beyond overweening arrogance, a mere High School student call in to doubt the pronouncements of well paid, well respected (within their social and [scare quotes]professional[end scare quotes] circles) luminaries and elders of the YEC, ID and fundamentalist moron constituencies? How could an inhabitant of the wholly insignificant (except as the location of Peter Jackson movies) islands of “New Who Cares?” call in to question the mores and beliefs of a staggering proportion (possibly and utterly depressingly even a majority) of the undoubtedly (<- that's not sarcastic, honest) powerful country in the world.

      The problem with their viewpoint, and any 'requirement' to give it equal treatment, is that the universe simply doesn't care. It is incapable of caring. How important you are or what you believe. Reality simply is. And we are trying to find out what, exactly, "IT" is (and was in the past and will be in the future. Which will undoubtedly be different to reality now but we aren't sure how much.) And, hopefully, getting closer and closer to a correct answer since the Exodus.

      Keep up at it – but not to the extent of not having as much fun as you can possibly pack in to your time at Uni.

    • It is the supreme arrogance of the christian to believe that only their life has “relevance”

  3. I just discovered that y’all Down Under also have a version of the ICR…


    …which is sending me ICR-like stuff now on occasions; if things get slow with the ICR these blokes produce some things that beg for your critical examination too. Just sayin’… 😉

    • That would be CMI’s site – the Australian Answers in Genesis offshoot, if I recall correctly. We don’t have much in the way of organised creationism in New Zealand, which is quite a nice state of affairs.

      Did someone give them your email address?

  4. On the “What We Are” tab of the CMI’s “About Us” page they say about CMI’s “Structure” that in New Zealand they feature an address, a charitable trust, and an Oversight Board of Trustees “in accordance with the Deed in Trust,” so presumably they do have a significant number of “members” or subscribers in New Zealand. Check out their website when you get a chance.

    Evidently someone did give them my email address — and that’s fine, I’ve been on the ICR’s email list ever since they had one (and on their postal-mail list back well before email, got piles of printed A&F and IMPACTS in my basement file cabinets) , and I am now interested in CMI’s stuff (which is very ICR-like) too. (Yes, I’m a glutton for punishment!)

  5. I wouldn’t read too much into that – while they probably have more than the typical Aussie company with a NZ P.O. box, neither they nor anyone else are a noticeable force here.

    What do you mean by “ICR-like”? From what I see in my rss feeds CMI seems more keen on talking about “information” than the ICR, and strays into moral issues to a much greater extent (e.g. their recent articles on gay marriage and transgender people).

  6. My thoughts after reading this is that you have a lot to learn before you go and criticize organizations and people who have more education and experience behind their names than you

    • Mr. theologyarchaeology, my thoughts are you should send your advice to creationists and other lunatic religious liars instead.

  7. Excellent and enjoyable site! Just discovered it when looking up information on Timothy Clarey. Keep up the good work.

  8. My I inquire as to why the evolutionist side always resorts to name calling and childish belittling if there case is so superior?
    For me, since both sides require faith in miracles & there is no absolute proof on either side
    However based on the way one side acts, I choose to be on the other side.

    • You may inquire, but what makes you think that it is all on one side – or indeed that civility has any correlation with being right? You are certainly entitled to rest the foundations of your beliefs on such flimsy perceptions, but I can’t think why you would.

  9. Dear Peter, all i know is, there’s a possibility of a long time-lapse between Genesis 1.1 and 1.2a – this does not give evolution so much as a proton’s length of wiggle-room. When the Lord created the earth, it’s possible the rebel angels messed it up & and so, the Lord wiped the slate clean & and had turned off the power, universe wide. Six thousand years ago, the planet was a watery (or ice covered) void – no life, not even a protozoa.


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