The ICR’s Acts and ‘Facts’ – May 2012

The Institute for Creation Research has a number of magazines, the most famous of which is the monthly newsletter Acts & Facts, which is often featured on the ICR’s front page. Here’s a brief summary of this month’s edition.

At present, the May edition is on their Acts and Facts homepage. For future reference this edition can be found in pdf form here.

It’s been a while, I know. I haven’t gotten around to tackling the ICR’s newsletter for some months now. A half-finished draft of a post on the January edition sits reproachfully on my wordpress dashboard, untouched since New Year’s Eve. I plan to finish it someday, but for now here’s May’s edition, in a slightly different format – I’m back to fiddling with multiple pages to try to make these behemoths a little more manageable. Click the links below, or go through page-by-page using the numbers at the bottom of each page.

…or you could just click here to begin, I suppose. Don’t forget to tell me if I mucked up any formatting, or should have done something differently.

One thought on “The ICR’s Acts and ‘Facts’ – May 2012

  1. I’m enjoying this post. I particularly like your discussion on page 3. The fact is that, as you say, “good isn’t the same thing as perfect.” Too often, YECs hold that “very good” means the universe had been made as some kind of cosmic playground for humans. I don’t see this in the text at all. The theology of YEC is very skewed in that they hold God’s purposes are all about making things great and wonderful for us. It’s very anthropocentric, and it doesn’t seem to reflect Biblical teaching.


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