The ICR’s Acts and ‘Facts’ – May 2012

John D. Morris | pg. 15 | link

Flat Gaps Between Strata

John D. Morris writes:

When geologists make field observations, they typically focus on the rock before them and its color, density, mineral makeup, fossil content, and other features. But they often would be well-served by looking at the strata’s context as well.

…they don’t already? I’m not so sure about that.

The gist of this article is that ‘now’, i.e. in the last half century:

…expanding geologic knowledge has made regional maps and other data available. No longer should geologists restrict their focus to a single outcrop or hand specimen while ignoring larger implications.

He claims that “flat and featureless contacts between strata ” show that they were laid down by the Flood, and tries to dismiss the idea that uncomformities are caused by millions of years of erosion. “No longer should creation/catastrophic thinking be excluded. ” Right…

One thought on “The ICR’s Acts and ‘Facts’ – May 2012

  1. I’m enjoying this post. I particularly like your discussion on page 3. The fact is that, as you say, “good isn’t the same thing as perfect.” Too often, YECs hold that “very good” means the universe had been made as some kind of cosmic playground for humans. I don’t see this in the text at all. The theology of YEC is very skewed in that they hold God’s purposes are all about making things great and wonderful for us. It’s very anthropocentric, and it doesn’t seem to reflect Biblical teaching.


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