Divine Inheritance

Yes, folks: That's a Video!

The That’s a Fact video for the last week before Christmas is completely unrelated to creationism, and is called Baby Zygote:

We’ll go through it anyway, however:

Has anyone ever told you that you have your mother’s eyes, or your father’s chin, or maybe your grandfather’s ears? We can sometimes look like our parents and grandparents because we can get a lot of their traits – even ones we can’t see, like our blood type. Scientists call it inheritance, and the nineteenth century Augustinian monk Gregor Mendel demonstrated this by cross-breeding pea plants, which earnt him the distinction as the father of the modern study of genetics.

The word ‘demonstrated’ isn’t quite what they were looking for here. We already knew that inheritance existed, and have known since the first animals were domesticated thousands of years ago, but Mendel gave an insight into how the process worked. Are they going to mention how his discovery that traits don’t blend was important viz the acceptance of Darwinian evolution? Of course not – and this is the closest we’ll get to creationism/evolution for the entire video.

Since then scientists are now able to trace the inheritance of some human traits from one generation to the next. But what about Jesus? While Joseph and Mary were his earthly parents, the bible says the Jesus was God’s only begotten son – he came completely from God. Some scientists think that the holy thing that was placed womb was a fully formed zygote cell.

They do? Who? This sounds like theology, or at least the work of the scientists that are attached to the Vatican in Rome.

Normally a zygote is made from two reproductive cells – one from the father, and one from the mother. But since Jesus had to be sinless, in order to die for our sins, he didn’t inherit anything from either Mary or Joseph. Instead, Jesus inherited everything from his heavenly Father.

Yeah, that’s theology. And why couldn’t he have just not inherited the sin bit? But this is nonsense anyway…

His birth was a miraculous and unique event in history. And though we can celebrate Christmas knowing that our creator and saviour arrived via miraculous means to live a miraculous life and accomplish a miraculous purpose.

And that’s it.

On a related subject there’s a billboard up in Auckland by an Anglican church that really likes to put up provocative billboards. It depicts Mary holding a positive pregnancy test. The Catholics are attacking it (literally, with scissors) as blasphemous:

“This is Satanic, this is the ultimate Satanic attack, when Lucifer attacks his worst enemy, the Blessed Virgin.

“This particular church – so called – is run by a gay, feminist-type lobby. They claim to be Christian and yet they put up a blasphemous image of the Blessed Virgin, attacking her virginity and the fact that she was the mother of Christ, the God-Man.”

You get the picture – yes, we have crazies too. It’s quite funny, really.

It’s a pity that the That’s a Fact comments have not returned – I have a feeling that there might be a few points in which the ICR’s viewers might disagree. But there’s always the facebook page, I suppose…

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