Competition – Day 7

Day 7 of the Twelve [Business] Days of Christmas

The question for day 7, the final day of the first full week of the competition, was: How does your family relax during the busy holiday season?

Comments are up slightly, to thirty nine. Again, there are none from either Dr Shorey or Dr Forlow, but the first two are instead from Dr Robbins, who apparently makes pizza.

Personally, I ‘relax’ by enjoying the summer holidays, though while there has been plenty of ‘holiday’ lately there hasn’t been much in the way of ‘summer.’

The prize for today is a copy of Dragons: Legends and Lore of Dinosaurs, which interestingly enough was also the prize for day zero. Was she unable to contact them? Who knows.

On the first day of Christmas, Dr Forlow gave to me…

Legends of Dragons

Human Hereditary

Some other books

Geologic Processes

Made in His Image

Big Book of History

And Climbers and Creepers

Something like that, anyway.

The winner for yesterday was apparently a “Janelle Ludwig”. However, I cannot find their comment, so I assume they’re on facebook or twitter or somesuch.

The honourable mention for next-against-the-wall-after-John-Freshwater goes to Sharrena:

I’m a primary science teacher and my favorite curriculm has beenApologia’s Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology by Jeanne Fullbright. My students also love exploring with the Magic School Bus when we can easily edit the evolutionary bias.

That’s…a problem that needs to be fixed.

6 thoughts on “Competition – Day 7

  1. I actually tried to post a comment on the post yesterday. Completely blocked. Not quite sure how considering that I posted both with my normal internet connection and then one routed through a VPN so I had a different ISP. I’d only commented once on her site so I couldn’t remember which had gotten blocked before ’cause I told her she was letting obvious spam through. I even used my actual name and normal e-mail address this time … not quite sure what happened unless she’s completely screening ALL comments AND she saw that the first one under my actual name was from the ISP where I had been critical before so she blocked the second one, too.

    • Shorey reckoned that it was email address that was blocked for him. When you made your ‘Zach’ comment the first time did it come up with your ‘Bad Science’ logo?

    • No, it shouldn’t’ve been. It’s not in the WordPress system so I’m not logged in through WP on her site.

    • Ah, but your latest comments do. It works through the gravatar system, which associates a ‘gravatar’ with an email adress. Doesn’t have to be anything to do with wordpress, although wp does like it.
      The question is, really, if you used the same email address then as now.

    • Or perhaps not … the comment is up, and the /bad science logo is attached. I forwarded you an e-mail … don’t know if you may want to do a post or not on it so I won’t write on here what it said.


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