Samson’s Ears

Actin filamentLate last week That’s a Fact video #26, Muscle Man, was released. As I said on Friday, much of the text is taken from the portion of this article that I didn’t cover at the time, and there is a good reason why I didn’t do anything with it – it’s just not very interesting. I offer you the transcript below more out of completeness than any necessity, and after that we can look at something else.

Body builders are known for having the best muscles, and they accomplish this by perfecting their exercise and diet. It’s no easy feat, because the structure of our muscles is complicated, and the biological processes are sophisticated in both man and animals. Bats, for instance, have incredible muscles in their ears that help them track flying insects with sonar precision. With these tiny muscle fibres in their ears they can shift into tracking mode just seconds before catching their prey. And these muscles work so rapidly and efficiently zoologists have found that they are composed of protein filaments called myosin and actin. There’s nothing simple about this biochemical process, which is powered by a molecule called ATP and depends on what scientists have labelled “molecular motors.” And while some weightlifters can display feats of strength with their hands, the average man’s grip is a respectable 100 pounds of force. But even a simple squeeze involves an intricate process of bone, muscle and tendon, working in complete harmony. Nothing simple about it. So the next time you’re at the gym, remember that God designed you to grow big and strong in every aspect of your life.

There is still plenty to quibble about here. I could point out how human muscles aren’t really any different at all to animal muscles. Then there’s those sentences that seem to change subject midway (though that may have more to do with my transcription). Meanwhile, a sqeeze is probably one of the most complex muscle manoeuvres, and who uses imperial units for force these days anyway?

But that obscures the bigger picture, which is that this is not an argument for creation and design but one that assumes it. Hence, it’s not very interesting.

Moving on back then, let’s take a look back at the previous video. If you don’t remember it was called Intelligent Surveys, and was about the polls that regularly reveal a relatively poor level of support for evolution in the United States. Unusually, a number of comments have appeared (all supportive) have appeared on the That’s a Fact website under that post, and they make amusing perusal. Here’s a selection – all comments can be considered to contain copious [sic] tags:

What makes me not believe in evolution is who was darwin,a smart man,a former deacon in the christian church he attended. Then you look at the definition of theory. Do you take a mans personal opinion or the word of GOD. easy answer.

A classic “it’s only a theory” argument, supplemented with “God says so.” I wonder what its author would make of this recent post at Slactivist?

why do so many believe the myth of global warming? its in the same vein as evolution. No facts to base the presupposition on.

There is an unfortunate connection between the denial of evolution and climate change – or perhaps it isn’t so unfortunate, as it minimises the total number of denialists. To this person I gift a history of climate science – there are plenty of facts around, if you will just sit and read for a few minutes.

None who is inteligent enough! Evolution is just a theory which couldn’t be prooven in 250 years by the true Science. Speculation is not science, nor the political correct program.
Please, see the “Expelled” documentary done by Be S..
Surprisingly, the Public Library of big cities in USA “lost” the copies of this.

It’s just a theory – and it can’t be proven either! After you’ve finished with Ben Stein’s masterpiece, take a look at Expelled Exposed. As the joke runs, the subtitle – No Intelligence Allowed – is the only accurate part of the film.

In the Good name of science please answer me this question.How did atoms form ans d what holds them together?.Where did the particles come from that form the atom?Answer is the question not thought.

This person did actually apologise for their spelling, but he was the only one. If you believe Jack Cick’s famous tract, Big Daddy? (which has to be seen to be believed), the answer to all of these questions is Jesus. For the rest of us, there are more powerful forces of attraction than the repulsion between protons in a nucleus, and atoms themselves form because they are at a lower energy state than ionised plasma. As for the particles, how useful that question is depends which subatomic particle you mean.

Darwin often questioned his own theories conclusions. I don’t think he worshipped his ideas as much as some people do today. He believed in investigative science, and searching for evidence should never end….Thank you Creation Scientists, for finding settling conclusions to Darwins experiments with theories.

Now evolution is “worshipped” and not questioned? This is what we call projection, and can be rectified simply by building a list of biology-related science blogs to read.

It’s a THEORY, never proven to be true, because it can’t be proven. Mankind would rather believe it than the account of Creation because mankind wants to take God out of the picture, relieving themselves of accountability to Him. In the end of all things, we will see who is right, but my bet is on God!

Again with the “theory” meme, this time in all caps. A new addition here is the idea that people wish to reject God, and thus believe in evolution. That may be a convenient way to dismiss anyone who disagrees (after all, they have been corrupted by Satan), but it’s also delusional.


It’s exciting to think that only 40% believe in evolution but if we turn it around , we christians really have a lot of work to do. It means 40% don’t believe in Christ as Lord, and it’s our job to tell them. With great resources like ICR we have plenty of help.

When the various Christian denominations start ramping up the sectarian violence over this issue, do you think they can be persuaded to minimise collateral damage? No, I don’t think so either.

There’s plenty more where that came from – if you can stomach it. The existence of open comments is nice, but I’m certain that they are heavily moderated so it’s not worth trying to get through. If there’s anyone from the ICR reading this (and I know you do) the widget displaying the date for the next episode needs updating or removing, as it still says February 9. We can assume in the meantime that it will be due on or around the 23rd if it does appear. Hopefully it’s a little more interesting.

4 thoughts on “Samson’s Ears

  1. “And these muscles work so rapidly and efficiently zoologists have found that they are composed of protein filaments called myosin and actin. ”

    Unlike other non-bat animals, whose less spectacular muscles are formed of ——- what? Also, these muscles are not actually used in the hearing/sonar as the paragraph implies.

    • I think that line is a clumsy contraction of two sentences. In the original article it read:

      How can these muscles work so rapidly and efficiently? Zoologists have found that they are composed of protein filaments called myosin and actin.

      Not a lot better though.

    • I had considered pointing out that, were there some relation between hair and muscles (e.g. similar proteins), the creationists would be howling from the rooftops that the bible had ‘predicted’ this fact. I didn’t run with it, but a nonsensical title fits a nonsensical subject video.


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