Pigeons “Confirm” Creationism?

A rock doveThe study of pigeons was instrumental in the formulation of Charles Darwin’s ideas about evolution, and using the same principles that underlie the theory in general he hypothesised that all pigeons are descended from the wild rock dove. A new study published in Science (pdf) used modern genomics to “prove Darwin right.” But somehow, through some twisted interpretation of the study, Brian Thomas has produced an article published under the headline “Pigeon Study Confirms Creation.” How did he do it?

Charles Darwin bred many varieties of pigeons. Some had differently shaped head crests and others had unique color patterns in their plumage. Darwin tried to use these superficial examples of human-guided animal breeding to support his false idea that nature repeatedly transformed one basic life-form into another. Today, over 350 breeds of the rock pigeon continue to showcase the plasticity of this bird’s feathery features. A recent study traced modern pigeon origins, and although the evolutionary investigators told some of the same wrong stories that Darwin did, three key details from their work clearly support creation.

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