The Crystal Gear of Vladivostok

Metal embedded in coalJust over a year ago we looked at a Brian Thomas article about a “Peruvian mummy” that he suggested was that of a biblical “giant.” The original news story – from the Daily Mail of all sources – had a slightly different nut-case theory to sell: the mummy was an alien. However, scrolling to the end of the Mail article it was revealed that intentional skull deformation of the kind that could produce features such as those being interpreted as alien (or giant) were common in the place and time that the find was from. A mundane explanation, though still an interesting one – one which Thomas didn’t even mention.

Wednesday’s article – Possible Human Artifact Found in Coal – also by Mr Thomas, has a number of parallels with the earlier story. Continue reading

Talking with Ants

Myrmica wheeleriFor the Friday DpSU Jeffrey Tomkins tells us that ‘Talking’ Ants Are Evidence for Creation. The subject is a paper in Current Biology called Ant Pupae Employ Acoustics to Communicate Social Status in Their Colony’s Hierarchy, about nearly-matured ant pupae communicating this fact to other ants via sound. Continue reading