Acts & Facts – August 2012

Owing to the fact that it’s still only mid-August as I write this, for once the index for this months Acts & Facts – the ICR’s monthly newsletter – should still be up at the usual place. If it’s not there when you read this then a pdf can be found here, and you can get the links below. Without further ado, here are the articles:

  • The Breath of Life: Jayme Durant again writes the Editor’s column, writing about… ICU departments and King Hezekiah? Apparently you have to be a king to have God extend your lifespan when you’re ill? Something like that, anyway.
  • It’s Alive: As previously documented, Henry Morris III makes the absurd claim that plants (and presumably all other non animals and plenty more beside) are not alive, doubling down on a much earlier article by John Morris.
  • The Importance of Creation Research: Jason Lisle claims that “all science is creation science” because you need God to have a predictable universe – even though that’s a bit of a contradiction in terms.
  • Events: Amazingly enough, they’re all over already. Aside from Sherwin being at some kind of CMI camp in North Carolina, they were all in Texas too. Those that weren’t in or around Fort Worth were near Houston, so I’d say that most of the world was spared this month. That’s a relief.
  • Biblical Truth in High Definition: James J. S. Johnson has found in the bible some “profound meanings” that “will inspire awe,” and shares a couple. They’re not all that great.
  • Why Is Modern Cosmology So Weird?: Jake Hebert intentionally fails at explaining how the universe works, dredging up old problems for the big bang and attacking their solutions.
  • Cavitation: John Morris explains how this erosional mechanism works, but it’s not entirely clear whether it’s applicable to the formation of the Grand Canyon even in a creationist scenario.
  • Leakey and “Human Evolution”: Richard Leakey thinks that one day soon even people like Frank Sherwin will become convinced of the fact of evolution. Sherwin protests mightally, and after that performance the cynic in me thinks Leakey is probably wrong there.
  • Ways That Whales Display Their Creator: Brian Thomas rewrites and expands an article he did about a new sensory organ in whales. It’s no better than the original, however, so I didn’t bother posting on it this time.
  • Letters to the Editor: Apparently somebody actually liked Brian Thomas’ May article claiming to give four scientific refutations to evolution. As always there is no criticism of the ICR on this page, just glowing praise.
  • The Might of Many Mites: Like every month, Henry Morris IV wants some of your money. I used this occasion to take a look at what was publicly available about their finances. The conclusion: they’re not exactly rolling in dough, as expected. Something I forgot to mention then was that the ICR’s donate button on their homepage is no longer red, so perhaps things are improving?
  • The Design and Complexity of the Cell: Testimony to the Creator of All Life: The introduction to Jeff Tomkins’ new book is reprinted. I provided a little more information about what’s in it.
  • Following all this, on the back page, was an advertisement for something called “Days of Praise for Women.” What the difference between this and the normal one is I don’t know.

That was August, which seemed to me to be a little shorter than July. Roll on September? This time we’ll have to wait a while.

2 thoughts on “Acts & Facts – August 2012

  1. I missed the Durant article so I popped over for a quick gander and there in paragraph 3 was the fundamentalist anti intellectualism. You don’t have to be a scholar to understand the workings of a collection of disparate documents most of which are redactions of earlier collections of written and oral folk tales and all of them from a culture totally alien to 21st century America. You just pick up a faulty translation of dubious copies of those documents written in Jacobean English by scholars (!) who all had axes to grind and it all becomes clear.
    Just like you don’t have to conduct years of research into genetics or physics or geology or – whatever – to know that science is wrong and the whole universe including terrestrial life (the only life there is) popped into being over six days starting one Sunday in October only 6000 years ago.
    What these nut jobs do to science is crazy enough but they do just as much harm to their own religion.


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