More Mutations

It happens all the time, reallyAccording to Thomas, More Mutations Mean More Diseases, Less Evolution. This is the “genetic entropy” argument, which claims that the genomes of humans and other animals are denigrating from the original, perfect genome, and if life had been around for millions of years we’d be long dead. Larry Moran has a recent post at Sandwalk from which I’ll pilfer the following sarcastic summary:

According to plant geneticist, John Sanford, the human race is degenerating rapidly. It’s one of the trade secrets of biology. Every population geneticists knows that it’s true. […]

Now if humans are degenerating at the rate of 1% or so per year then this must mean that they were perfect only a short time ago—like maybe 6000 years?

Are humans doomed just as described in scripture? Yes. Is there any hope for us? Our only hope is Christ.

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