High Density Data Storage

The structure of DNA, for referenceApproximately two weeks ago you might have heard of a story about the storage of an entire genetics textbook in DNA – quite a feat. Today, Brian Thomas writes Scientists Store 70 Billion Books on DNA. If 70 billion sounds like a bit much, note that numerous duplicates were needed to avoid errors – that, and the researches were trying for a record.

The reason why Thomas chose to write about this subject can be summed up with this quote:

There is no material that has as much data storage density as DNA. It is better than blue-ray discs, hard drives, and even flash drives. The Science report shows that DNA is six powers of ten denser than flash drive technology.

The sheer superiority of DNA as a data storage medium is strong evidence for its supernatural creation.

I could discuss the flaws in this article – talking about what data storage actually means, and probably mentioning along the way how it does not logically follow that the best data storage system must be created by something supernatural. But that would be unnecessary and pointless, because it’s simply not true that DNA is the absolute best medium around when it comes to storage density. Continue reading