Envious Eyes

Engineer Envies Plant Cell Structure contains basically the same argument as Monday.

“Gibson sees plant mechanics as a valuable resource for engineers concerned with designing new materials. But researchers have been unable to fabricate cellular composite materials with the level of control that plants have perfected,” according to MIT news. What or who deserves the credit for the masterful way that lowly plants organize their own building materials?

From that quote you should be able to reconstruct most of the article, though you may well underestimate the sheer stupidity of the concluding paragraph:

But what reason or evidence even hints that plants or nature can engineer anything, let alone construction techniques and material management that surpasses man-made technology? Plants don’t have brains or hands like human engineers possess. Those who deem plants to be expert engineers would not entrust a plant to produce even something so simple as a fork. When it comes to origins science, brilliant engineering professors are barking up the wrong tree.

Brian Thomas just does not understand how evolution works, does he?