IEE: Faith and Science

We present a new edition of Ideological Education Essentials! (Otherwise known as 'Science' Education Essentials)

To return to the usual events on Rhonda Forlow’s Science Essentials blog, the series from the week that was was called The Marriage of Science and Faith. She begins:

Have you heard or read all the debate and talk about the difference between science and faith? It hasn’t taken long for atheists and theistic evolutionists to attack organizations like ICR on the blog, at conventions, and in the press with taglines such as “Leave science up to the scientists” and “Keep religion out of science.” While I respect their right to voice their opinion, I believe they’re misled. After all, the fact remains that science incorporates faith! Don’t believe me?

So, “science incorporates faith.” Faith is belief without evidence, and I’m going to need to see some before I believe her on this one… Continue reading