Competition – Day 11

Day 11 of the Twelve [Business] Days of Christmas

The question for the penultimate day of the competition, day 11, was: Which That’s a Fact video is the favorite of your students?

There were much fewer comments than previously, with only eleven qualifying, along with another two from Forlow.

Of some interest is a comment from Andy:

I have been impressed with all of them until the latest one. I don’t agree that Jesus was a zygote placed into the womb of Mary. that would take out the human part of the 100% man and 100% God. also nullifying the blood from the bloodline of king David. You cant have a zygote without conception (Luke 1:25) there are several verses in Luke saying the Holy Spirit conceived and Mary conceived and that Jesus was named before being conceived IN the womb.
ICR please respond with your defense on Zygote placement.
Merry Christmas

This is an issue which I thought might come up at the time, and already has on facebook. Forlow responded with:

Please see this article from ICR. Thank you and Merry Christmas to you!

If you haven’t noticed, she forgot to link to ‘this’ article. What she meant to link to was Creation and the Virgin Birth by Henry Morris, which lays out the ICR’s position in more detail but does not answer Andy’s criticisms, or the others that have been raised elseware.

I like Imitating Humans, as it’s the most obviously inaccurate video, although they all have problems of some sort.

The prize for day 11 was The Fossil Record: Unearthing Nature’s History of Life. Verse 11 is:

On the eleventh day of Christmas, Dr Forlow gave to me…

The Fossil Record

The Young Earth

Thinking God’s Thoughts

Five Evidences

Legends of Dragons

Human Hereditary

Some other books

Geologic Processes

Made in His Image

Big Book of History

And Climbers and Creepers

The winner for day 10 was ‘Anjannette’, with:

We’d definitely choose our Advent candles!

Dr Shorey’s meteorite, already mentioned, was the only stand out for that day.


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