The ICR’s Acts and ‘Facts’ – May 2012

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The ICR will be fairly busy this month:

  • Randy Guliuzza will be at the Living Waters Bible Camp on May 4 through to 5.
  • Guliuzza will also be at the Bethany Evangelical Free Church on the 6th.
  • H. Morris III, J. Morris, N. Jeanson, and L. Gunther will be at the Arlington Homeschool Book Fair on May 10-12.
  • Frank Sherwin will be at the Christian Family Schools Expo 2012 on May 11-12.
  • Morris III will be at the Moody Pastors’ Conference 2012 on May 21-24, and at the Moody Church on the 23rd.
  • Brian Thomas, on the other hand, will be in California for ‘GHC California 2012,’ on May 24-26.
  • Guliuzza will also be attending FPEA 2012 on May 24-27.
  • Finally, John Morris will be at the EMS International Creation Conference on May 25-28.

Is it just me or are most of these rather… minor events? Are book fairs really that big a deal in the US?

One thought on “The ICR’s Acts and ‘Facts’ – May 2012

  1. I’m enjoying this post. I particularly like your discussion on page 3. The fact is that, as you say, “good isn’t the same thing as perfect.” Too often, YECs hold that “very good” means the universe had been made as some kind of cosmic playground for humans. I don’t see this in the text at all. The theology of YEC is very skewed in that they hold God’s purposes are all about making things great and wonderful for us. It’s very anthropocentric, and it doesn’t seem to reflect Biblical teaching.


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