Acts & Facts – January 2013

The first edition of Acts & Facts for 2013 has been noticeably redesigned from last year. Aside from various cosmetic changes there is now a dedicated contents page, a new series of articles, and some of the usual sections have been rearranged. For its part the A&F page on the ICR’s website now has pictures, linking to some of the articles which are similarly highlighted in the magazine itself. Because I have been going through these articles for the last five days this recap is mostly for future archaeologists, but there are still a few things I missed. Continue reading

Larry Vardiman’s Weather Report

Great Blizzard of 2006Larry Vardiman retired from the ICR back in June, but has continued some of his writing work. Our final January Acts & Facts article of interest – A Mountain of Snow after the Genesis Flood – is largely cribbed from one of his (and Wesley Brewer’s) more recent Answers Research Journal papers, “Numerical Simulations of Three Nor’easters with a Warm Atlantic Ocean.” You can find a brief analysis of the paper at RationalWiki, but let’s take a look for ourselves. Continue reading

Acts & Facts – July 2012

July is an important month for Americans. It celebrates the date on which that nation’s Founding Fathers had the prescience to ensure that, on the day 236 years later that the discovery of the Higgs Boson was announced (more or less), there would be the necessary pretext for extravagant fireworks displays across the continent.

Like many creationists, the ICR felt the need to hitch up to that Bandwagon of Wisdom and try to claim that their founding fathers believed what they do now, as if it were Franklin’s fault he lived all those decades before Darwin. That, then, was the primary message of this months Acts & Facts, the Institute for Creation Research’s monthly satirical newsletter. A pdf of this edition is avaliable on their website at this link, while links to the articles were available here until a few hours ago but are also given below. Continue reading

That Goddamn Particle

If you find yourself engaged in a drinking game involving sightings of the phrase ‘god particle,’ or are just generally incensed by its use, stop reading now.

The Higgs boson has been found. Probably. At this point adding further nines to the 99.999…% certainty value just looks like showing off, so saying with certainty that it exists looks like a fairly safe bet here in the post-July 4th world.

The ICR’s facebook page directs us to an article by Larry Vardiman in the March Acts & Facts, which I didn’t cover: Did the ‘God Particle’ Create Matter? It’s a classic case of taking things far too literally, in this case the boson’s famous, overused “theistic nickname.” They also warn of an impending up-to-date article on the discovery, but that isn’t out yet. Continue reading


Yes, your origins still matter – strange primate or no. The latest article up at the ICR, ICR Debuts YOM Conference in Dallas, discusses their now passed con, claiming success. The only external account I can find on the web of people actually going to the conference comes from a family of creationists, who seemed to like it. That being said I don’t think I missed anything in the way of convincing evidence by being 12,000 kilometres away. Continue reading

The ICR’s Acts and ‘Facts’ – May 2012

The Institute for Creation Research has a number of magazines, the most famous of which is the monthly newsletter Acts & Facts, which is often featured on the ICR’s front page. Here’s a brief summary of this month’s edition.

At present, the May edition is on their Acts and Facts homepage. For future reference this edition can be found in pdf form here.

It’s been a while, I know. I haven’t gotten around to tackling the ICR’s newsletter for some months now. A half-finished draft of a post on the January edition sits reproachfully on my wordpress dashboard, untouched since New Year’s Eve. I plan to finish it someday, but for now here’s May’s edition, in a slightly different format – I’m back to fiddling with multiple pages to try to make these behemoths a little more manageable. Click the links below, or go through page-by-page using the numbers at the bottom of each page.

…or you could just click here to begin, I suppose. Don’t forget to tell me if I mucked up any formatting, or should have done something differently.

The Week in DpSUs

I missed quite a few of the ICR’s DpSUs  in the last week or so. All these poor people who want to know more about whatever BS has been posted that day, suddenly no-longer a quick search away from some slightly more accurate information. It’s a tragedy. Continue reading