The Theory of Supernatural Embryology?

The latest post from the Institute for Creation Research (ICR) suggests that they are in the development of such a hypothesis. That, or they’re feeling a bit under the weather right now and are mentally impaired because of it. Or they think everyone who reads their stuff is stupid. I’ve got an open mind at this point…

Haswell's Frog - Paracrinia haswelli tadpole

Nearly two months ago, in the ‘Embryos’ part of a double-DpSU called Amber and Embryos I talked about a Brain Thomas article that talked about similar things to his current masterpiece. Once again, Mr Thomas returns to the ‘DNA is not enough’ front with his latest article, Tadpole Faces Form by Bioelectric Patterning.

What he is trying to say today is that because ‘bioelectric patterning’ is what more directly causes the creation of the face of a tadpole than DNA, it’s the work of “an extremely capable bioelectrical Engineer.” As he says:

Since bioelectric patterning is not genetic, how could it have arisen through neo-Darwinism’s genetic mutations? In other words, since bioelectric signals are required to build tadpoles, and since they are electric and not genetic, then mutations and natural selection are irrelevant to their makeup.

Creationists are often keen on the idea that everything has a cause (except God, obviously). They use this to ‘disprove’ the big bang etcetera, as they think that it could not have a cause but should. This approach could conceivably be used on the current situation, whatever it’s validity in those when creationists use it. What is causing the electricity?

The only conceivable answer to that that would support Brian Thomas’ claim is that some supernatural entity – ie God – is directly causing it. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, and Mr Thomas has none.

Whatever the answer is, it certainly is something that evolution can act upon (unless BT does come up with the evidence – you’re from the Institute for Creation Research aren’t you? Do some!). Whatever it is, it will be heritable, so that we don’t all have tadpole faces, which would be the consequence of the bioelectric stuff if it was an inescapable result of the development of any face. The electricity will be caused by something which will be caused by something which will be caused by something which will be caused by something…(biology is rarely direct)…which will be caused by something that is able to be passed on in some way across the generations. This ‘prime mover’ is going to be fodder for evolution, and will almost certainly turn out to be DNA. It’s possible that it could be something like a prion turned good, which would be awesome, but I doubt it…

In short – does the ICR not understand evolution or do only it’s adoring followers? I need more data…

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