Antibiotic Resistance and Creationism

Antibiotic resistanceIn the most recent(ly discovered by me) article by Brian Thomas, Antibiotic Resistance in Bacteria Shows Adaptive Design, we have the creationist explanation for why Antibiotic resistance is not, apparently, evidence (if not confirmation) for evolution. The article, coincidentally, is very similar to the most recent DpSU I wrote about, which was about the evolution (or ‘adaptation’ to Mr Thomas) of yeast. While this is not a DpSU, if you placed this among 9 articles that were you couldn’t pick it out.

Mr Thomas begins:

Bacterial survival in antibiotics has been taken as proof of evolution in action. But in-depth studies of the specific mechanisms for antibiotic resistance in bacteria show that no evolutionary processes are involved. One recent study even mentioned the possibility that bacteria are able to fine-tune the shapes of their own biochemicals in order to circumvent the harmful effects of antibiotics.

This is a big claim. No evolutionary processes? So the image to the right is incorrect, and there is no selection stage? Interesting… Continue reading