Declining Lifespans of Noah and His Descendants

Declining Lifespans of Noah and His Descendants

X-axis: generations (Noah = 1); Y-axis: lifespan in years. Rightmost datapoints are king David and an average life expectancy (excluding infant mortality) for the Romans.

Original caption:

The lifespans of the Noah and his descendants, based upon the Masoretic text. As can be seen, at the time of the Flood lifespans began to plummet, but in a very systematic way. See table 1 to learn the specific Patriarchs and their ages. The last data point shown is the average life expectancy (45 years) during the time of the Roman Empire (see This statistic excludes childhood deaths before age 10. From Roman times until recent advances in nutrition and medicine, human life expectancy has hovered in this range of 30-50 years (depending on variables such as childhood mortality). Note: The ages at death for Sarah, Ishmael, Levi, and Aaron were included in the scatterplot. However, since these individuals were in the same generation as Abram, Isaac, Joseph, and Moses respectively, they confounded the calculation of the trendline, and so were not included in the trendline calculation.


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