I Agree

Belgian blueAlmost entirely, in fact. Jeffrey Tomkins writes “Marketing Myostatin Inhibitors with Fake Science,” about nutritional supplements being marketed to reduce the activity of a protein called Myostatin (literally “muscle stop”) with the intent of increasing muscle mass. According to Tomkins, one claim made is that myostatin is somehow “vestigial”: Continue reading

Evolutionary Surgery: Changing Your Mind is a Bad Thing

A Tonsillectomy, as I know *everyone* likes looking at pictures of surgery...For his June 2012 Acts & Facts piece James J. S. Johnson talks about the ‘vestigial organs’ subject I last discussed with the That’s a Fact video on the subject. He begins his article, Tonsils, Forensic Science, and the Recent Fabrication Rule, with the following question:

Would God give us a body part that we don’t need?

Already we can see that he’s attacking a straw man. The importance of vestigial organs in evolution is not that they are entirely non-functional, but that they represent examples of organs that have fallen into disuse when it comes to their function in other animals, but are still used (or now used, as the case may be) for another, minor purpose. Continue reading