I’m Sure I Just Did This One

It was only a few days ago now that I posted The Scars of Eye Surgery about Brian Thomas’ article Do Eyes Carry ‘Scars of Evolution’? Mr Thomas has decided that he needs to write on the same article again, apparently because there really isn’t much evolution/creationism related going on right now.* The result: Eye Evolution: Assumption, Not Science. In the circumstances, that describes much better his reading of the subject than the actual thing.

Note the "cup" eyespots that give this organism a slight ability to detect the direction of light, as well as its intensity Continue reading

Late To The Party: Historical Adam

As you may be aware, a few weeks ago there was a great furore about the possibility that some evangelicals may have “come to their senses” on the subject of whether or not Adam and Eve actually existed. This was what, two, two and a half weeks ago now? The eternally late Institute for Creation Research now weighs in on the matter, in a DpSU called Christian Professor Claims Genetics Disproves Historical Adam. Let’s see where Mr Thomas goes with it: Continue reading

The Scars of Eye Surgery

You may be aware that the Discovery Institute’s David Klingoffer just tried – and failed – to counter claims that the human spine couldn’t have been designed, because, if it had, said “designer” would’ve had to be rather bad at it. Today – in a post entitled Do Eyes Carry ‘Scars of Evolution’? – Brian Thomas of the Institute for Creation Research tries to do the same, but for eyes.

normal (human) retina Continue reading