The Black Death

The Plague: Birth of a Killer is the title of Brian Thomas’ latest DpSU. Naturally it is about the reason why the plague bacteria kill people, considering how wonderful God is. something about the fall? Excuse me while I grab a nice, red, juicy apple…

Yersinia pestis, the bacteria believed to be responcible for the plague The bacteria accused of causing the plague. Now Read On →

Pseudohelpful Pseudogenes

Pseudo-words abound in this latest Daily (pseudo)Science Update from the ICR. Indeed, it goes beyond the usual pseudoScience element – this is a pseudoUpdate as well. Far from his usual two-week-old news, Brian Thomas is reporting in his latest post – RNA Discoveries Refute Key Evolutionary Argument – on a “recent” study from way back in March. Continue reading

Erosion on a Biblical Scale

We interrupt what was looking to be a reasonably pleasant week (at least in these parts) to announce that the ICR has returned to the old creationist gambit of “why haven’t the continents eroded already?” “Pleasant” having been replaced by the “hilarity” that last week seemed to lack, of course.

Mt Parícutin in 1943, the same year an otherwise presumed benevolent Creator decided that Mexico was short a volcano and preceeded to rectify the situation immediately, killing three people with lightning and destroying a village. Continue reading