URCall: Sodom (and Gomorrah)

From the ICR’s URCall series of videos, hosted by Markus Lloyd. (link)


Did you know that cities in the bible, once thought to have been mythical have actually been discovered by archaeologists? Abraham’s home town of Ur, for example, was excavated by sir Leonard Woolley, beginning in the 1920’s. Ur, as well as Sodom and Gomorrah, and other biblical places, were also mentioned in the Sumerian tablets of Ebla, unearthed in Syria in the 1970’s. So, if these mythical places are real after all, isn’t it logical to reason that the bible is an accurate historical record?

Ur Kaśdim is mentioned in the bible, and this is probably the same place as the real historical city of Ur. But I don’t think Ur was ever truly lost – Pietro della Valle visited in the 17th century, for example, and it doesn’t seem like the locals were unaware as to what they were standing on. Continue reading