The So-Called Oort Cloud

Pillars of Creation, Eagle nebularIt’s been the better part of a month since we last ventured into space on this blog, but only two days since we saw some classic denialism. Today, we get both! Brian Thomas’ Wednesday article is called Certain Stellar Features Just Don’t Exist. Can you guess which he is talking about?

Sorting fact from fiction when it comes to outer space can be tricky, especially when scientists assert that certain stellar features are real when they are not. Why should school textbook authors, or the students and teachers that rely on them to deliver accurate information, trust these scientists’ more speculative assertions when they routinely name structures that don’t exist?

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As a general rule, whenever the title of a news article is a question the answer to it is ‘no’. Or, at the very least, that’s the answer they intend to give, whether or not that’s actually it. Case in point: Does Radical New Theory Explain the Existence of Everything?

Said ‘theory,’ of course, is that detailed in Erik Andrulis’ 100-page Theory of the Origin, Evolution, and Nature of Life, which was attacked mercilessly in the blogosphere around a month or so ago. You may be aware of PZ Myers’ post The comparison to jabberwocky is inevitable; while on the other side of the fence at Evolution News and Views was Life: Explained. Oh, Now We Understand. If you actually want anything close to a refutation I suggest you go to the former source: the EN&V article is merely snarky and a little ironic, as is Mr Thomas’ for that matter.

Fusilli pasta

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