Creationist Infighting: Michael Denton’s Structuralism

There’s not a great deal for me to say here: recently published on the ICR website is another Brian Thomas article, Structuralism: A New Way to Avoid Creation, which criticises a recent paper in the Intelligent Design journal Bio-Complexity by Michael Denton. There is as such no right side to this fistfight.

In short, Denton wants wants us to return to what is effectively the pre-Darwinian concept of platonism, though he claims that its earlier acceptance was not based on prior belief in the philosophy but on “but rather upon the empirical finding that a vast amount of biological complexity, including the deep homologies which define the taxa of the natural system, appears to be of an abstract, non-adaptive nature that is sometimes of a strikingly numerical and geometric character.” While Thomas praises Denton’s “influential, evidence-based book, Evolution: A Theory in Crisis” he attacks structuralism as just another way to “exclude God.” As I said, there’s not right side here. Go check it out if you don’t believe me.