The Fall of Babel

Languages: there are thousands of the things, although you may only encounter a handful in your everyday life – they’re a bit like religions, in a way. Languages are related to each other and can be grouped into “families,” and it’s this concept that a recent (approximately a month old) That’s a Fact video, Language Families, alludes to:

It looks like it’s been so long since I last tried to embed these that they’ve forgotten to prevent me. Use the link if it stops working. Continue reading

Stone Age Language?

The Daily Science Update for Friday was Stone Age Art Holds Hints of Language. The source article (from the Guardian) discusses the abstract symbols found next to cave art and in other places, and suggestions that they might have some kind of meaning.

One annoying feature of these symbols is that people havn't bothered to photograph them much. As such, have a picture of the entrance to the Cueva de las Monedas. Continue reading

Stop Arguing, Start Believing

Your Daily Science Update for Friday the 30th really does seem to be taking the perspective that scientists should give up doing science, and simply trust Biblical Literalism. It’s called Linguists Argue over Language Origins, and is about a scientific controversy over a Science paper from April of last year: Phonemic Diversity Supports a Serial Founder Effect Model of Language Expansion from Africa by a Quentin D. Atkinson of Auckland University. Continue reading