Searching for the Goldilocks Planet

The first That’s a Fact video for November is called Goldilocks Planet. The theme is, for the most part, the same as was explored last weekend – while the video starts off on the subject of exoplanets it quickly finds itself in “Earth is special” territory.

Alpha Centauri Bb, an uninhabitable Earth-sized planet Continue reading

Kepler-22 b

When news of the newly discovered exoplanet Kepler-22 b broke around the 5th of December, a DpSU titled something like Another ‘Goldilocks’ Planet Stirs ET Hopes was inevitable. Unlike what we saw in Planetary Evolution, Mr Thomas is at least not denying that the planet itself exists – merely trying to argue that it’s unlikely that there’s life on it, which he claims is the primary reason that people are interested in it and exoplanets in general.

Plot of known exoplanets - Kepler 22 b is at the upper left Continue reading