Antivaxers on the ICR’s Facebook Page

I take a look at the ICR’s facebook page from time-to-time, just to see how much dissent there is among the ranks. You will remember the DpSU from Friday, More Scientific Misconduct, where Andrew Wakefield was listed amongst other cases of scientific fraud. Now, Wakefield has his supporters, has quite a few of them as it happens, so it was inevitable that there would be at least somebody defending him in the comments. With a link to Natural News in one case: Continue reading

More Scientific Misconduct

Before I get to Thursday’s DpSU, about origin of religion, I’m going to quickly deal with the latest one, Is Scientific Misconduct on the Rise?

You may remember, from back in late November, two consecutive articles from Christine Dao on this very subject – the first was Mistakes and Misconduct in Science, and the second was More Transparency Needed in Science Textbooks, Museums. This article is by Brian Thomas, but there isn’t much in it that is new and so going to those two previous links will really suffice for a DpSU discussion for today. Continue reading