The Domesticated Red Junglefowl

A Red JunglefowlA new YOM post asks “which came first, the chicken or the egg?”

This age-old question really has a simple answer. However, attempts to answer it and to get around implications of the simple answer are often quite convoluted.

Yes, there is an answer: the egg was first, because there have been animals laying eggs for longer than there have been chickens. It’s simple, at least so long as you don’t specify that it must be a chicken egg. But for reasons that have been rather poorly thought out, the ICR insists the opposite was the case: Continue reading

Domesticating the Aurochs

It might be May now, but Brian Thomas is still posting about things from late March. Today’s science ‘news’ comes from a press release from the UCL, DNA traces cattle back to a small herd domesticated around 10,500 years ago. Brian’s article – apparently written when the news was fresh, but not published until now – is Study Finds DNA Clues to Cattle Origins.

To kill the suspense before the fold, yes he completely ignores the 10,500 years part. Given that, then, this makes a very good example of creationist selective reading, reporting, and belief when it comes to science.

Illustration of an aurochs (pre-domesticated cattle) bull, a human, and an aurochs cow, from DFoidl of WMCommons Continue reading