Dismissing Inflation

On rare occasion the ICR manages to publish articles on recent news items in an approximately timely manner. Today’s DpSU, “‘Smoking Gun’ Evidence of Inflation?” by Jake Hebert, is one example, attempting to counter the rather inconvenient announcement of evidence supporting the cosmological hypothesis known as inflation.

While quicker than is typical for the ICR, Hebert is by no means the first to comment on this issue. Discovery Institute cdesign proponentsist Stephen Meyer was quoted as saying that

…it’s really odd for people from a Creationist perspective to deny a theory that says the universe began out of nothing physical.

Naturally, many of his fellow creationists have a decidedly different view. Continue reading

No Need for a Green Screen

For those who have forgotten, the Discovery Institute was busted a year ago for using a green screen “lab” as a background to a video of Ann Gauger. The ICR isn’t opposed to green screens themselves, but the multi-million dollar budget of their Unlocking the Mysteries of Genesis series means that they can do a bit more than use a stockphoto – they can make a 3d stockphoto-style lab of their own!


Also, holograms apparently (presumably they’ll be added in post). The presenter they’ve managed to hire is Markus Lloyd, who seems competent. The real test, of course, will be what they get him to say.

EDIT 12 June ’14: As you can see they’ve taken the video down. Here’s a frame:

Markus and lab