Textbook Errors

Come to think of it, neither Eohippus nor Archaeopteryx feature in my textbooks either. But then we concentrate more on human evolution, and there is even the odd piece of creationist-baiting in there too.

I shouldn’t need to tell you about the recent creationist trouble in Korea. But if you don’t know, Nature has the lowdown: South Korea surrenders to creationist demands.

The Institute has reacted surprisingly swiftly. Today’s Creation Science Update, by Christine Dao (who we haven’t heard from in some time), claims instead that South Korea Moves to Correct Textbook Errors. Because you see… Continue reading

Mistakes Were Made, Part 2

Yesterday’s DpSU was also by Dao and is again about how, in the words of Dr Robbins, Mistakes in Science Apparently Means Creationism Is True. Her new article is called More Transparency Needed in Science Textbooks, Museums, and applies the “With this many errors…how can the field of science maintain any semblance of infallibility or impartiality?” argument we just saw to textbooks and museums.

Ernst Haeckel's Embryological Illustrations Continue reading

Mistakes Were Made – But Not By Us

Today’s Daily (pseudo)Science Update is by Christine Dao, rather than the usual Brian Thomas. Her article is called Mistakes and Misconduct in Science and tries to argue that science is fallible and prone to political influence. And I’m sure you can guess where she is going with that.

Rise of the retractions - from the Nature News article Continue reading

An Apt Comparison

The latest DpSU on the ICR’s website is called Letting the Science Speak for Itself, and is by Christine Dao, who can always be counted on for a good laugh. She is, interestingly enough, agreeing with Steven Newton’s New Scientist opinion article, Geology will survive creationist undermining. That is to say, she agrees that banning Creationists from infiltrating geology meetings and presenting posters etc would be a Bad Idea.

Athanasius Kircher's Atlantis: North at bottom, Pillars of Hercules to the left Continue reading

The Week in DpSUs

I missed quite a few of the ICR’s DpSUs  in the last week or so. All these poor people who want to know more about whatever BS has been posted that day, suddenly no-longer a quick search away from some slightly more accurate information. It’s a tragedy. Continue reading

That’s a Video!

So, I’m doing homework right now, which is why I haven’t posted all week. The ICR, on the other hand, evidently does not get anything analogous to homework, as evidenced by their continuing-as-usual-on-a-week-after-an-aaf-publication over the same period.

Indeed, they’ve gone and launched themselves a vimeo channel, called That’s a Fact. Christine Dao introduces it like so: Continue reading

The Tranquil Flood, More Dinosaur Pigments and the Petition to Ban Creationism

It’s been a slow week. Since writing the previous post – which was rather long – I’ve been resting my fingers, attending to other hobbies (so, apparently, if you convert a program from c to c++, and replace the structs with classes, you get less segmentation faults. Or at least you do when I’m writing them…) and, ah, “studying for exams.” However, after three days, I think that there is enough material from the ICR to comment on, so here goes: Continue reading

Youth Ministry: Pagan Evilutionist Infiltration

That does seem to be the gist of Christine Dao‘s latest article at everybody’s favourite Creationist outfit, the Institute for Creation Research: New Film Says Youth Ministry Borrows from Evolution, Paganism [Dead link]. No, she’s not ripping the film to shreds – she really seems to agree with it. And no, I am not making this up. So what the hell is going on here? Continue reading