A Titanic Oasis

The equatorial lakes are not nearly as large as these near the north pole

Click through for a bigger versionMore than a year ago a graphic began circulating that purported to show that the Earth couldn’t be billions of years old based on the claim that we would have gone through all the water in that time. Based on the shear absurdity of such an argument alone this must surely be parody – though Poe’s law confuses this somewhat – but I’m not as sure about that now as I was just a short while ago.

You see, Thomas’ latest – Young-Looking Methane Lakes on Saturn’s Moon – uses a rather similar argument to the one in that picture. He doesn’t do any calculations, avoiding the potential for embarrassing mistakes like the one he made for Enceladus. Instead, he seizes on a couple of comments made in a Nature News article, and dismisses out of hand their explanation. Continue reading