The Design and Complexity of the Cell

Jeff Tomkins has a new book out.* It’s called The Design and Complexity of the Cell, and a few of the ICR’s other luminaries have also contributed to it. The last article (both that I will cover on its own and also literally in the magazine) in the August Acts & Facts reproduces Tomkins’ introduction to the book.

*Technically I think his latest is More Than A Monkey, but that’s not what’s being hyped here. I considered buying that latter book but the shipping costs were higher than the price of the book itself – I need to get a kindle. Continue reading

A Book about Bombardier Beetles

Part 4 of 4 of the documentary The Natural World – Secret Weapons from 1983. The explanation of how the Bombardier beetle’s defence mechanism really works begins immediately, though the full segment starts at 8:30 in the previous video. Watch from the beginning starting here.

The pseudonymous entomology blogger Bug Girl has obtained a copy of an old ‘kids’ book published by the Institute for Creation Research called Bomby the Bombardier Beetle. Her reaction?

And, oh what a mass of WTFery this book is.

You get the idea: now read the full post.

It would seem that while a decline in the quality of the ICR’s output over the decades could still be argued, they’ve been pulling nonsense like this out of their …rectal chambers ever since the beginning.