Talking with Ants

Myrmica wheeleriFor the Friday DpSU Jeffrey Tomkins tells us that ‘Talking’ Ants Are Evidence for Creation. The subject is a paper in Current Biology called Ant Pupae Employ Acoustics to Communicate Social Status in Their Colony’s Hierarchy, about nearly-matured ant pupae communicating this fact to other ants via sound. Continue reading

Beyond the Anternet

Most likely inspired by the recent “Ant’s use TCP” story, the That’s a Fact video for this month is called Ant Engineer. Its blurb reads:

Ants can ruin picnics and cause all kinds of trouble. But these little creatures have amazing attributes that scientists are now learning from.

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Ants and TCP

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again: “When people talk about solving complex differential equations as part of the process of catching a tennis ball, they’re joking.”

The argument the Brian uses in Scientists Discover the ‘Anternet’ is one usually applied when quantum mechanics turns up in the realm of biology. Both Brian Thomas and Frank Sherwin have tried to claim that when an organism utilises something ‘quantum’ then it must have been designed by a Being who knows all about how that notoriously difficult to understand subject works. In this case, however, instead of quantum physics we have the simpler system of harvester ants using a similar algorithm to TCP. Continue reading