Duane Gish has Died

That should really be old news to you by this point, but I thought I’d better mention it here. The ICR has posted an article on their website called Remembering Dr. Duane T. Gish, Creation’s ‘Bulldog’, which has also appeared at YOM. Similarly Answers in Genesis have posted their own obituary, while the NCSE and  Sensuous Curmudgeon have their own articles, as does Pigeon Chess (hopefully this signals a return to form) and I’m sure a hundred other blogs around the net. There really isn’t anything to say here that hasn’t already been written a dozen times already.

As for where I’ve been, university started this week and I’m still in the process of entirely reassembling my schedule from scratch. I should be able to produce a few catch-up posts by, say, the end of the weekend. (Maybe.)

Technical Difficulties and Life on Mars

I’m having computer troubles which are going to prevent me writing anything of length for I don’t yet know how long – until I can get a new AC adaptor for my laptop, anyway. In the meantime, it appears that the ICR has slightly softened – or rather, modified – its stance on extraterrestrial life. As recently as August* we were explicitly told that there was no life on Mars (supposedly based on “a literal reading of Genesis 1”). In addition, back in December of 2011 Brian Thomas told us that if life was found on another planet – so long as it didn’t originally come from Earth – it would “essentially vindicate evolution and nullify creation.” Continue reading

Recursive Debunking

A couple of weeks ago Ashley Haworth-Roberts pointed me to a post on young Earth creationist Bob Sorensen‘s blog, Stormbringer’s Thunder, called “Debunking the ICR debunker.” Apparently, this title refers to me – ‘the’ and all. Sorensen’s post is primarily a link to a much longer essay at what is now Answers for Hope, the blog of Jason Petersen, called Online Atheists and You.

But before he gets to that link Sorensen has a few things to say himself. He claims that “Internet atheists” and evolutionists “often seek to shut down the rights of creationists and Christians to even express our points of view.” More specifically, he describes me as “an arrogant kid who seems to think that he is able to discredit and debunk the science presented by ICR scientists.” This is coming from a blog with an image in the sidebar stating “Parental advisory: I am right.” Sorensen is apparently quite fond of his image-based attempts at humour: the picture above right [Edit: Removed, see here to view] is from his post, and is supposed to represent the name of this blog, “Eye on the ICR.” In addition the ‘eye’ seems to be an envious eye, though I’m not sure what I am supposed to be envious of. Continue reading

The Ultimate Proof of Creation

…is the title of a book by Jason Lisle, written a few years ago back when he was at Answers in Genesis. I haven’t read it myself, but a few days ago I found a blog in the process of giving it a chapter-by-chapter review. If you’re interested you can start with Ken Ham’s forward – and don’t forget to pass on the link. (And, if you want spoilers, Bjørn Østman wrote a much shorter review of the whole thing back in 2010.)

Happy Holidays

It has finally cooled down enough to allow cognitive functions more complex than saying “thank you” and reading comics, so I’ll take a moment to wish everyone a <positive adjective> <solstice festival>!

Will that do, or would you rather it in regex form?

Anyway, regular posting will probably return within the week, which is to say shortly after the ICR does the same.

Turning it Off and On Again

You may well have noticed by this point that I haven’t posted in a while. You weren’t warned of this hiatus because it was entirely unplanned – I had originally expected that no-matter what I planned I would wind up posting a few times a week right through exam season. Exams are over now, all 27 hours of them, and I find myself having not posted in a good week and a half. I’m going to retroactively claim this as a good idea, as it certainly was quite helpful.

Now that I’m back I intend to do some minor housekeeping. I’ve rewritten my old about page, consigning my cringe-worthy original to history. I also fully intend to take a step back and see if there aren’t better ways of getting my point across than what at times turn into stream-of-consciousness paragraph-by-paragraph rebuttals. In other words, I’m going to try to do a bit more planning and proof-reading of my posts. The 18-month anniversary of this blog passed during the hiatus, so this is a good a time as any to start making the good writings. We shall see if it actually works or not.

However, the most important change I want to make right now is to get back to actually posting stuff. With that in mind I have another ‘publish’ button to push, right after I do a once-over of what I’ve written…


The redesigned version of the top of Guliuzza's October Acts & Facts article

The new ICR logo (here’s the old one, for comparison) has finally made it to the main website – here at the top of Guliuzza’s most recent article, as the flash on the main page does not screenshot well. Amusingly, the change takes it away from the style of the “Idelogical Education Essentials” banner which I use from time to time, and closer to the “That’s a Video” one.

To help compare the new style to the old, here’s a random screenshot of an article from late August – it’s a fairly gradual change when you look at it in context. We’re still waiting for Science Essentials to follow suit, but they might not.

In unrelated news, “germs to Germans” is now my favourite variation on that alliterative phrase.

Hiatus Report

Exams are over (until November) and it’s time to return to blogging. I wonder what I missed?

Surprisingly little, it would seem. While for the other creationist outfits that I’m more aware of the last week or two have been dominated by the continued fallout from both the Bill Nye videos and the ENCODE results, I would probably have been rather bored with the Institute if I weren’t otherwise preoccupied. They haven’t really done much on their main site, and they haven’t managed to make up for it elsewhere. Continue reading

Gill Slits

There is nothing that needs to be said about Thomas’ latest – Do People Have ‘Gill Slits’ in the Womb? – that hasn’t already be covered in Troy Britain’s excellent “Gill slits” by any other name. So I’ll let you go read that.

Oh and, if you haven’t noticed, I’ve been a little busy of late and will be completely absent for a few days soon. So we might have to let the Monday DpSU sit unanswered for a while – that and the latest That’s a Fact if I don’t finish my post before I leave.