URCall: The Big Supernova

From the ICR’s URCall series of videos, hosted by Markus Lloyd. “Where did the first atom come from?” (link)


How did the first atom in the universe appear? The big bang attempts to explain that the Earth sprang into existence from a quantum-mechanical fluctuation, or even out of nothing. But it does not adhere to the law of cause and effect. If it’s impossible for something to come from nothing, then what is that something, or someone, that created the universe? Christians know the answer.

In terms of audio, there’s a weird tonal change in the middle there, from “But it…” to “…the universe.” I suspect that this section was just cribbed straight from Unlocking the Mysteries of Genesis to save time, but it sticks out like a sore thumb in this video. As for the visuals the animation used to represent the big bang is gloriously inaccurate in pretty much every way you look at it. The presence of background stars – at least in later frames – suggests it would be better employed as a supernova, and in geometry it also reminds me of a certain scene from Star Wars: Continue reading

No Need for a Green Screen

For those who have forgotten, the Discovery Institute was busted a year ago for using a green screen “lab” as a background to a video of Ann Gauger. The ICR isn’t opposed to green screens themselves, but the multi-million dollar budget of their Unlocking the Mysteries of Genesis series means that they can do a bit more than use a stockphoto – they can make a 3d stockphoto-style lab of their own!


Also, holograms apparently (presumably they’ll be added in post). The presenter they’ve managed to hire is Markus Lloyd, who seems competent. The real test, of course, will be what they get him to say.

EDIT 12 June ’14: As you can see they’ve taken the video down. Here’s a frame:

Markus and lab

Free Movie Screening

Dr. and Mrs. Henry M. Morris III cordially invite you to a private screening of

Unlocking the Mysteries of Genesis, Episode One


Institute for Creation Research

1806 Royal Lane, Dallas, TX  75229

Thursday, November 7, 2013

7pm – Fossils and facilities tours with ICR scientists and staff

8:30 PM – Screening of Unlocking the Mysteries of Genesis, Part One

Light Refreshments

Limited Seating – RSVP 800.337.0375 or UnlockingTheMysteriesOfGenesis.org

No children please

That’s this project, which seems to be coming to fruition (we looked at a promo video a while back). The quote above is from the Eventbrite page. Tickets are free, but are “limited” and you need to register by the sixth.

Four Videos

The end of the "Opener with ICR Logo" videoWhile not technically a catch-up situation, at some point during my extended absence the ICR uploaded an interesting group of four videos, not tied to any project that I’ve seen much about. Unfortunately, but predictably, I am unable to directly embed the videos here – I’ll give you a link and brief synopsis of each and if you’re interested you can go over and have a closer look.

Opener with ICR Logo

This first video is simply a modified version of one we’ve already seen. This is the one with the nice music, and which concludes with the YOM logo – or rather it did, but in this version it has been replaced by the ICR logo instead. It’s rather clumisily done, with the YOM logo partially appearing before being abruptly covered by the ICR one. The picture above is from the 1:18 mark, where it’s most obvious, but start at around 1:15 to see the full transition. Continue reading