The Devil’s Work

IlluminatiAs you may have noticed the tagline for this site is presently “Part of the Grand Materialist Conspiracy.” I changed it a few months ago from something along the lines of “Just another anti-creationist blog” after I noticed that people linked here during internet debates would often take one look at it and apparently assume that it was placed there by a previous reader as a note that anything I say can be simply dismissed.* The correct explanation, as I naively believed would be obvious to all, was that it was a somewhat self-deprecating modification of the default wordpress tagline, “Just another site.” The new version was written in the hope that even the likes of forum creationists would realise that it is not meant to be taken seriously, but today’s Days of Praise devotional by Henry Morris III, Satan’s Strategic Plan, reminds me that this may be an unreasonable assumption. Continue reading

Global Warming

I don’t usually comment on the ICR’s Days of Praise articles – that is to say, my drafts folder is filled with unfinished posts on this or that DoP edition. The Days are a series of articles, even more daily than the Daily (pseudo)Science Updates, which “seek to strengthen and encourage the Christian witness.” The articles seem to repeat over a several year cycle – a search through the archives reveals that a given article is likely to have been repeated several times.

This article – being written by the original Henry Morris, who has been dead for five years – is clearly such a repeat. It is called simply Global Warming, and, being in itself around five years old is even more out of date than it was at the time. Nevertheless, the ICR still agrees with what he wrote then. Here’s an excerpt:

On the other hand, many more conservative scientists keep insisting that this is a cyclic phenomenon, reminding us that it was not long ago that we were being warned of an imminent ice age. Who can say for sure?

I thought that this was appropriate, in the light of the recent study. Browse the full collection of Days of Praise articles here… if you dare.