The ultimate question: How soon can we get bingo by applying the Creationist Argument Bingo table to the ICR?

Creationist Bingo (ICR)

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Obviously, a line will be easy, so we’re aiming for the whole thing.

This may be a bit more difficult, considering that ICR is (probably) above things like “EVILution” (but that doesn’t mean I can’t co-opt the term regardless). Still, I wouldn’t be surpriesd.

If you want to help, click the picture and do so! Click the words you want to edit, and change their textbox’s fill to red. Then, put a new textbox below that and paste in your source URL. Alternatively, post your contribution below.


13 thoughts on “BINGO!

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  3. Trouble getting the bingo page to load, so Re: “Marxism was based on Darwinism.” Social Darwism was both a movement and an oxymoron. Darwin wrote that “there is no fundemental distinction between varieties and species.”

    Check out The Evolution of Racism, by Pat Shipman. Much about the 19th century mind is clarified.

    Blog is well done.

    • The real question is not the validity of the arguments but how long until they get around to them all.
      I’ll add that to my metal list of books I need to read as soon as I have time.

    • That’s interesting – I didn’t expect to be able to fill in that one…

      But then again they do seem to have mellowed in the last fifteen years or so.

    • Thanks for filling those in, too – my ‘browser does not support’ me editing your bingo board.

  4. I can’t believe how close you guys were to a bingo! Don’t lose hope! I can’t believe the ICR hasn’t used the “mutations can only lose information” one yet. I thought they all did…


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