URCall: Common Ancestor

From the ICR’s URCall series of videos, hosted by Markus Lloyd. “Who is our common Mother and Father?” (link)


Geneticists trace humans back to a common mother – a matrilineal ancestor from which all humans descend on their mother’s side – and a common father, from which we all get our father’s genes. Current evolutionary theory places the mother – “mitochondrial Eve” – as having lived in Africa as long as 200,000 years ago, while the father – “Y-chromosomal Adam” – lived as much as 500,000 years ago. While the evolutionists argue over who lived when, Christians have a simple answer: Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve explain why all the variety of people in the world are genetically related.

Christians, as we all know, have never argued over anything. Certainly not about topics that might be related to this subject… Continue reading