URCall: Biomolecules

From the ICR’s URCall series of videos, hosted by Markus Lloyd. (link)


DNA, RNA, and proteins are “biomolecules” which, together, are essential for life. DNA and RNA are needed to make protein. Protein and RNA are needed to make more DNA. DNA and protein are needed to make RNA. So – which came first? Evolution doesn’t have an answer. But creation scientists do.

And that answer is, of course, “God did it.”

Here’s a slightly different question: how do we get metal? The answer of course involves mining, but have you ever noticed that the trucks and bulldozers and detonators used in this process all also require metal in some way? A conundrum emerges: how did it all start? Did Lloyd’s god give Adam and Eve a Caterpillar truck and a stick of dynamite when they left Eden? I don’t think so. Continue reading

URCall: Herodotus and Babel

From the ICR’s URCall series of videos, hosted by Markus Lloyd. (link)


Did you know that the Greek historian Herodotus, often called the “Father of History,” wrote about the Tower of Babel? He described the eight levels that included a spiral staircase attempting to reach heaven. Since this historical record appears to confirm what we find in the biblical account, what other cool evidence backs up the bible?

Being, after all, the so-called “Father of History,” Herodotus wasn’t necessarily all that great at it by modern standards. That is to say, while many of the things that he wrote about did happen, others are derived from the myths and legends of his time – the distinction was not as important to his readers as it is to us. Finding that Herodotus has repeated your particular myth is not therefore the stamp of approval Lloyd makes it out to be. Continue reading

Three Years

I have discovered that the three-year anniversary of this blog was yesterday. Oops.

In past years I’ve written an awful lot more than that, about how I never expected to be at this for more than a week etc etc etc, but considering how much I’ve posted lately I think the above is all I deserve.

Much more interesting though is my (accidental – I haven’t been paying much attention lately at all) discovery of a new ICR project: URCall. Continue reading