No Need for a Green Screen

For those who have forgotten, the Discovery Institute was busted a year ago for using a green screen “lab” as a background to a video of Ann Gauger. The ICR isn’t opposed to green screens themselves, but the multi-million dollar budget of their Unlocking the Mysteries of Genesis series means that they can do a bit more than use a stockphoto – they can make a 3d stockphoto-style lab of their own!

Also, holograms apparently (presumably they’ll be added in post). The presenter they’ve managed to hire is Markus Lloyd, who seems competent. The real test, of course, will be what they get him to say.

EDIT 12 June ’14: As you can see they’ve taken the video down. Here’s a frame:

Markus and lab

4 thoughts on “No Need for a Green Screen

  1. God that lab looks fake. What phonies. Look at the two perfect flasks full of– what? I bet $100 that it’s blue food coloring and yellow food coloring. Goodamn phonies. If they’re doing mol. biol. (yeah right!), they’d have big flasks full of E. coli or maybe yeast (I’ve never heard of a creationist doing a yeast experiment.) E. coli has that deep piss-orange color. That’s food coloring.

    Phonies. It’s way too neat and uncluttered– no real lab is that uncluttered. They’ve got boxes of little tubes, new and unused, sitting there for what? If they’re new, empty, never been used, they’d be in a storage closet with 1,000 others like themselves. Not taking up valuable bench space, which should be for stuff that’s been used already, or machines used often, like an autoclave (where’s the autoclave? PCR machine?).

    On the top shelf is a rack of glass test tubes and every one is empty. They have no plug so they’re just collecting dust. Are creationists doing a dust collection experiment? Who needs a whole rack of empty glass tubes– and if they’re brand new, why wouldn’t they be in a storage closet instead of taking up bench space? The size is wrong for a mol. biol. lab. Mol. biol. labs either have teeny tiny bottles (enzymes, very expensive) or itty bitty plastic tubes (mutants, strains) or giant flasks full of stinky bugs that are growing. Who, in a mol. biol. lab, would have a rack of empty test tubes in the size range shown? That’s Hollywood’s idea of a lab.

    Everything about creationism is a fraud.

  2. And why aren’t the bottles labelled? In a lot of labs, you’d be fired for having flasks of that size that are unlabelled. In a real lab, you can’t tell an acid from a base if it’s not labelled. Of course, you don’t have that problem if your lab studies… FOOD COLORING!

  3. Oh good grief, it looks like they took a kids lab set and carefully placed a few items here and there. Is that a bottle of hydrogen peroxide upper right? This is somehow more pathetic than the green screen fiasco.

    I wish I had the job of a creation scientist. I could stand around pretending to do research all day long baby. Write me a check!

  4. Their cutting edge experiments are… hydrogen peroxide and food coloring! Also, with all those brand new test tubes, they’re doing a cutting edge experiment in dust collection. Rebels challenging the status quo!


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