Free Movie Screening

Dr. and Mrs. Henry M. Morris III cordially invite you to a private screening of

Unlocking the Mysteries of Genesis, Episode One


Institute for Creation Research

1806 Royal Lane, Dallas, TX  75229

Thursday, November 7, 2013

7pm – Fossils and facilities tours with ICR scientists and staff

8:30 PM – Screening of Unlocking the Mysteries of Genesis, Part One

Light Refreshments

Limited Seating – RSVP 800.337.0375 or

No children please

That’s this project, which seems to be coming to fruition (we looked at a promo video a while back). The quote above is from the Eventbrite page. Tickets are free, but are “limited” and you need to register by the sixth.

3 thoughts on “Free Movie Screening

    • You may have to show up to find out.

      I doubt it, however, as they seem to be the target audience for the series – but that still doesn’t explain why they can’t come…

  1. Perhaps they plan on discussing the how’s and why’s of the reasoning, to expose the children to the brainwasing episode. You don’t want the kiddies to see it coming, it would strike a skeptic nerve making them less likely to fall for their B.S. (assuming these kids haven’t had the ability to have a thought of their own berated and/or beaten out of them already)


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