Flawed Memory

Elizabeth Loftus at TAM 9 (2011)Eyewitness testimony – for all Ken Ham’s shouts of “were you there?” – is the worst variety of evidence. Adding to its many problems you might have recently read about the successful implantation of a false memory of an unpleasant experience into the brain of a mouse. Slightly less recently Nature ran a story on the career of Elizabeth Loftus, who has long argued that memory is fallible. That earlier article appears to have prompted Wednesdays DpSU, Did God Make Human Memory Malleable?, by Brian Thomas.

Psychologist Elizabeth Loftus has shown that human memories are malleable. She successfully planted false memories into people’s minds during some of her experiments. Her position on the fallibility of memory has not always been well-received, but the results speak for themselves. And this may cause the believer in Christ to ask: Did God design memories to be moldable?

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