What I’ve Been Doing

This trimester – which we’re getting towards the middle of now – seems to be even busier than the last, hence my repeated failure to post regularly (I’ll see what I can do about that tonight). The animal biology paper that I’m taking turned to neurons and the nervous system this week, and in spite of the pressures the outcome was frankly inevitable:

Code screenshot 2013-08-14

That’s (hopefully) the start of a neural net, a concept that I’m sure I’ve mentioned before somewhere, based loosely on the workings of actual neurons – which is to say, it has something I’m calling an “axon”. I’ve been intending to make this for years but I haven’t even done much programming for a while now. Here all I’m doing is taking a single neuron and feeding its output back into its input, regularly printing the result in the terminal at the bottom. The next step is creating a way to connect many neurons in manner that is potentially evolvable, without c++ blowing up in my face too often.

If I manage to produce something interesting I’ll post and update, and perhaps the code. Maybe I could teach it to do the blog for me?

6 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Doing

  1. Do you know, your computer can not create this simple “non-real-life” nuron for itself. It requires an intelligent one to code it.

    • Of course. And that intelligent one in turn requires an Intelligent One. However, further recursion is precluded by the Carolingian theorem which proves that there can be no superior capitalisation.

    • What blew my mind was the first simple test I did. I wrote one that had an input and output layer of 8 nodes each and one hidden layer of 3 nodes in between. I trained it on a set that basically just taught it whatever single node on the input that had a value of one to have the corresponding output node have a value of 1 and the rest 0. It essentially by itself created a binary encoding on the 3 hidden nodes to pass through which one of the 8 output nodes should be turned on.


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