Morality, and a Lack Thereof

Here’s a topic that I haven’t previously talked about on this blog: abortion. Looking at the search results the word has been used here all of once, and that in a quote from Rhonda Forlow’s Science Essentials blog (which, I remind you, is now defunct). It’s a touchy subject, for reasons that hardly need spelling out. On occasion I have nearly done so – most notably in August last year, when I considered contrasting this YOM post on how if a bacterium is alive, so must be a zygote, with the earlier Acts & Facts article that restricted “biblical” life to things with a soul, independent movement, and blood – but always decided against it.

The latest “Creation Science Update” article is called Abortion: The Evolution Connection, by Jake Hebert and a guy called Michael Stamp (who I’ve never heard of before, but probably would have if I’d been paying enough attention during my hiatus – his job at the ICR is that of “an editor,” apparently). After writing several paragraphs I’ve decided that I won’t, in fact, go against my self-imposed rule beyond that which is required to simply acknowledge the article’s existence. The reasoning should be familiar: evolution means that there is no God, and therefore no morality. I’ll leave it up to you to find the logical problems with their argument – they are many.

One thought on “Morality, and a Lack Thereof

  1. I think you are wise to stick with your policy, given that questions about ethics/morality are philosophical questions, not questions empirical science can answer. Yes, there may be fellow atheists who may disagree with what I just said (Sam Harris?), but best for now to leave them to develop scientific counterarguments (and present those counterarguments to us all on other more appropriately-focused public venues) to theists’ claims that if there is no [alleged] supernatural creator God then there are no universally compelling arguments for ethical/moral behavior, thereby yourself NOT being distracted/side-tracked HERE from the scientific focus of your critical examinations of the claims of the ICR.


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