Four Videos

The end of the "Opener with ICR Logo" videoWhile not technically a catch-up situation, at some point during my extended absence the ICR uploaded an interesting group of four videos, not tied to any project that I’ve seen much about. Unfortunately, but predictably, I am unable to directly embed the videos here – I’ll give you a link and brief synopsis of each and if you’re interested you can go over and have a closer look.

Opener with ICR Logo

This first video is simply a modified version of one we’ve already seen. This is the one with the nice music, and which concludes with the YOM logo – or rather it did, but in this version it has been replaced by the ICR logo instead. It’s rather clumisily done, with the YOM logo partially appearing before being abruptly covered by the ICR one. The picture above is from the 1:18 mark, where it’s most obvious, but start at around 1:15 to see the full transition.

ICR Overview Long

In a mere two-and-a-half minutes this video gives the “long” pitch about what the ICR does and has done, raising the question of what the short version looks like. The video is worth it for the stock images alone, but noting things like how, for the ICR, posting misleading articles on the subject apparently counts as “researching” quantum mechanics and dark matter.

Lisle presents his anisotropic synchrony conventionThey aren’t all stock images, however. To the right is a still (from 1:59) of what appears to be Jason Lisle talking about his “anisotropic synchrony convention” idea. There are a number of similar clips, but it’s not entirely clear in some other cases if they’re stock footage (most notably around 2:15, along with similar stuff earlier on).

Unlocking… Trailer

[Update 27/04: This particular video was deleted without explanation shortly after this post was published.]

Now we’re getting somewhere interesting. The ICR is apparently in the process of creating a new series of DVDs under the title of “Unlocking the Mysteries of Genesis.” This video is a 3 minute trailer.

By implication, the video blames the “secular world,” along with evolutionary thinking, for such social ills as youth drinking and depression, along with people leaving the church. To the accompaniment of yet more stock footage the video claims that the ICR “has the scientific answers,” and that letting them be known will somehow help the problem. To do this, they say…

With your help, we can create a new video series that will be produced in the highly-visual, energetic style that appeals directly to a younger audience.

Is it just me, or does that sound patronising to you too? Judging by the various background clips/images that keep flying by in this video they must think that all young people have ADD.

It’s not clear in the video whether or not the DVDs have actually been produced yet. Their use of tenses implies that it already exists, but they reiterate that they need “your help” to bring it to fruition. At 2:53 they provide a link to a page for the project where you can make “your contribution,” but this simply redirects to their donations page, strongly implying the latter. We may have to wait to get to the bottom of the matter.

Gen ICR Promo Long with new voice DK

I’m not completely sure what that title is supposed to mean, or even what this video is. It’s basically the same as the second one but does indeed have a “new voice.” Who “DK” is and why “Gen” (presumably, “Genesis”) is tacked on to the front we may never know.

One thought on “Four Videos

  1. Perhaps the “GEN” stands for “General” as in “General ICR promo”? But I have no idea what “DK” might mean.
    I’m guessing that “highly visual and energetic” really means rapid fire sound bites of so called common sense explanations with no science and no time to think about them.
    The real surprise is that the creationists are the ones who are actually driving young people away from the church by insisting that the myths are taken as real science.


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