Four Videos

The end of the "Opener with ICR Logo" videoWhile not technically a catch-up situation, at some point during my extended absence the ICR uploaded an interesting group of four videos, not tied to any project that I’ve seen much about. Unfortunately, but predictably, I am unable to directly embed the videos here – I’ll give you a link and brief synopsis of each and if you’re interested you can go over and have a closer look.

Opener with ICR Logo

This first video is simply a modified version of one we’ve already seen. This is the one with the nice music, and which concludes with the YOM logo – or rather it did, but in this version it has been replaced by the ICR logo instead. It’s rather clumisily done, with the YOM logo partially appearing before being abruptly covered by the ICR one. The picture above is from the 1:18 mark, where it’s most obvious, but start at around 1:15 to see the full transition. Continue reading

Primitive Eggs

The Great 2013 Catch-upIn Evolutionists Scramble ‘Fossil-Egg Evidence’ (19 April 2013) Brian Thomas challenges the conclusions of a recent Nature paper, “Preservation of ovarian follicles reveals early evolution of avian reproductive behaviour” (not open access, but a Nature News article is).

Bird fossils do not generally ruffle paleontologist’s feathers, but some amazing specimens from China’s Jehol province—preserving eggs inside fossil bird bodies—might do just that. Researchers suggested that the bird egg features lend themselves to an evolutionary progression from crocodile-like reptile to chicken-like bird eggs. But if God made birds and reptiles according to separate kinds as clearly stated in Genesis, then they were and are unrelated. Which history does this recent evidence best match?

You can tell what he thinks the answer is right away, of course. Thomas explains the situation as he sees it: Continue reading