Catch-up Time

The Great 2013 Catch-upIt has indeed been a while – more than a month since I last posted, and much more than that since I was properly up-to-date. It’s time to get back to that, and time to try to get caught up with what I missed.

So, I’m launching a project: my aim is to publish one catch-up post per day, starting tomorrow morning (my time), until I run out. I haven’t actually counted how many ICR articles there are that I need to do something on yet, so we may be here for some time. The posts will be of varying length – I’ve taken so long to get back in the saddle in part because a good-sized amount of the stuff put out by the ICR lately just hasn’t been all that interesting, but there are gems here and there. All catchup posts will be marked with the image to the right (at least until I decide that it looks horrible) and will be in this category. I’ll start by taking the DpSUs in reverse chronological order, and we’ll see how it goes from there.

I haven’t been entirely unproductive in my absence. You may remember that it was around the time that I last posted that Google announced the demise of it’s Reader, and since then I’ve decided that The Old Reader fits the bill as a replacement perfectly. I’ve also followed the lead of patheos blogger James McGrath and started sharing some of the things I read, sometimes with brief commentary: my “TOR” profile is here, and the rss feed can be found here if you don’t use that system but still want to follow. (N.B.: My sharings aren’t quite as cerebral as McGrath’s, with topics ranging from creationism to webcomics – and yes, there’s plenty of overlap there.) Does anyone else do the same thing? I’m very interested in adding to my “following” folder. I may also replace the “YOM tweets” feed down below and to the right with this, but I haven’t decided either way.

The other project I’ve been working on is an attempt, over at RationalWiki, to annotate the transcript of the Kitzmiller trial. It’s a lot of work, and it’s going to take us a very long time, so help would be appreciated. I’ve also been doing schoolwork, but that’s not all that interesting.

3 thoughts on “Catch-up Time

  1. Another interesting blog, which sadly has been quiet since early November, is this one:

    Meanwhile I have recently visited the blog of YEC Jason Lisle (now with the ICR by the way for those who may not know) where comments are permitted including from critics of YEC-ism. It has been an interesting experience, as I mentioned in an email sent around three hours ago and reproduced below (as a separate comment).

  2. My message earlier:


    Jason Lisle (PhD astro-physicist) uses logic based arguments to defend
    the Bible, including young Earth creationism and a literal and
    historical reading of the opening chapters of Genesis, in his blog
    posts (where comments are permitted).

    However, he believes that anyone who disagrees with his position is
    arbitrary and not being properly rational. If you are perceived as
    being ‘trouble’ of some kind ie not a committed young Earth creationist
    Christian, a few days after your posts have appeared, Jason will
    probably come along – without informing you ie by making a new posting
    which would be flagged at the top of the blog page – and annotate your
    posts with negative comments aimed largely at his followers (in square
    brackets and a different font colour). It struck me that this attempt
    to tell his supporters what to think of my arguments and what to think
    of me in general is the kind of behaviour that a cult leader would
    exhibit – though of course this is over the internet.

    I have been asked questions such as “why would there be scientific
    laws in an evolutionary, chance, godless universe?” or “in an
    evolutionary universe why would it be wrong to lie?” – as you may guess
    the answers they expect to these questions are “there wouldn’t” or “it
    wouldn’t”. Any other answer eg “there just are” or “deliberate lying is
    always wrong” is labelled ‘arbitrary’. Thus when I gave the ‘wrong’
    answer I was confirmed as being ‘arbitrary’ ie guilty as originally

    Among Jason’s most recent comments on my postings he has observed
    “facts are only meaningful in a Christian worldview” and “by rejecting
    the biblical worldview, you have given up any moral right to criticize
    anyone about anything”. He has also accused me of being ignorant about
    science, though he has no evidence to back that up. It would probably
    suit his agenda though. I also managed to commit the ‘Red Herring
    fallacy’, among others.

    Unlike Jason himself, most of his blog followers are very respectful
    of criticism although they tend to show signs of benevolent
    indoctrination. However, in the early hours of today I became very
    exasperated with one Chris H who eg falsely accused me of ‘going behind
    Jason’s back’ (with posts at the BCSE and emails) despite the fact that
    I clearly flagged the BCSE thread under Jason’s blog post and copied my
    emails to the Institute for Creation Research where Jason works. I
    don’t know what has happened in the last nine hours or so – though
    Jason indicated he was happy for me to post it’s possible that I have
    now been banned for ‘bad’ behaviour but I was left with little choice
    by Chris and by Jason.

    Is this use of pseudo-intellectual ‘bullying’ about ‘evolutionary
    universes’ and the like Biblical and ‘like’ Jesus and the Christian God
    the Father in the 21st century? Yes, I rather think that you COULD make
    a case for that. The Bible is not a tolerant book. When I was an
    evangelical Christian doing eg street witnessing I neither tried to
    trap people with logic arguments nor would have been tempted to use any
    kind of creationist argumentation that I might have come across – what
    a poor Christian I was.


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